About Enerfín


About Enerfín

About Enerfín

Enerfín is the Elecnor Group’s subsidiary specialising in renewable energy.

It performs the integrated management of projects involving investment in renewable energy by using all its human, technical and financial skills and getting involved in all the stages, from development and construction to operation and energy sales management. 

Historically, Enerfín has developed and operated wind energy projects in several countries, notably its wind farms in Spain, Brazil and Canada, having reached 1.2 GW of operational power. In recent years, it has expanded its activity to include solar developments and is firmly committed to innovative technological solutions, such as storage, wind-solar hybridisation and, in the last year, the generation of green hydrogen. 

Equally noteworthy is its commitment to repowering its longest-standing projects, due to the benefits in terms of energy efficiency and for the environment.

Sustainability has always been a key element in Enerfín’s business model, as it is has been integrated right across the organisation and in all the activities it performs, which enables Enerfín to maximise the positive impact of all its projects for all its stakeholders.

The company’s main lines of work are the following:

  • Technical studies: Evaluation of wind potential and production studies. Study of the environmental impact and environmental monitoring of wind farms. Study and selection of technologies. Basic infrastructure and installation projects.
  • Economic and financial studies.
  • Administrative processing of projects.
  • Management of licences and authorisations.
  • Detailed construction and engineering projects.
  • Supervision of “turnkey” construction.
  • Execution and management of the operation (technical, administrative, accounting and financial).
  • Innovation: Development of R&D&I projects (Energy storage, production of green hydrogen, Big Data / Machine Learning applied to the operation of renewable energy plants).

At Enerfín we contribute to the energy transition through the integrated management of and investment in 100% renewable energy projects.