Christmas in La Guajira

Christmas in La Guajira


On these, the last days of the year, at Enerfin we have taken a major step forwards in the development and socialisation of our projects in the region of La Guajira (Colombia). Since we started operations there in 2016, we now have 5 wind projects in an advanced stage of development, which total around 800 MW between them. 

Our main objective from day one has been to get the communities’ collaboration, authorisation and support. Today we can say we feel proud and honoured that over 90 communities have given us their approval for the execution of these projects.

Over the course of the year, we have tried to help them in many ways and now, taking advantage of the holiday season, we want to bring happiness to the most important people in any home, the children. These last few days we have given out presents in all of the communities for children and they have thanked us in the best possible way, with a smile.